Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) encouraging the new concept of Work from home

Every single person in the entire world is aware about the COVID – 19 impacts. It has not only impacted personal life of the people but also social and professional life. Companies are forced to impose work from home (WFH) culture to reduce the impact in spite of the fact that some of the originations structure doesn’t suite the WFH culture. Due to which many companies along with nation as a whole is suffering huge losses.

Now the question arises what can be done to avoid such loses if any such emergency occurs in future. Is there any system to control those losses?  

Many of us are familiar with the collaboration tool called Microsoft Teams which we uses sometime for conducting virtual meeting. This kind of meeting we can incorporate on a regular basis. Apart from scheduling meeting through worldwide we can also expand e commerce and global supply chain irrespective of their location and would over problem which we are facing right now. It is also result in cost benefits to the companies.

To overcome the problems company should follow some standard policies and procedures such as saving the file on a company common server which can be access through anywhere in the world. We just need a stable internet and laptop to do our work.

Chatbots and AI-driven

Now WFH setup has its own limitation such as passing of confidential information, security of data etc. Now in this chatbots and AI driven technology comes in picture

Before implementing any sort if setup following some additional considerations should be kept in mind:

  1. Everyone in the company’s doesn’t have high speed internet. So we should consider mobile hotspots, reimbursing for data plan usage on personal cell phone plans, etc.
  2. Implement WFH policy with the help HR and it is easily accessible for all employees. We the team of Terobots can deliver such kind of chatbots just in 10 days.
  3. Deploy conversational AI powered chatbots (easily deploy) that provide quick access to any kind of companies information on a very short notice through secured channels.
  4. Use of collaboration tools like Microsoft Office365. Which is accessible from outside the company and all employees are aware of their usage policy.

Terobots chatbots are the new way to make your work easier and streamline your work. It helpls in process of chat interface with the power of AI including the learning of the remote workers.

Already tested and ready to use integration with enterprise systems that Terobots provides, allow your chatbot to securely access, process and deliver company data to authorized users., in any given deployment model – cloud, hybrid or the heavily-secured on-premise servers. Now all your employee has to do is ask the chatbot for the information they need, and the bot can retrieve it securely and deliver it in the needed format.

Is Your Company Ready For The Remote Future? Your answer is Terobots

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