Chatbots: How to use effectively?

For many years now many consumers and business are using chatbots now. They have confirm and accepted the chatbots are very useful.

According to the 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index, 61% of consumers feel that having Chatbots in customer service is the way of the future and 70% of millennials report positive experiences with Chatbots.   

Now let me explain you how Chatbots save money and time, which makes them more preferable to the consumer:

There are many studies which are released on chatbots stating that it will help in increasing the businesses by $8 billion per year by 2022. 

Bots are very efficient and provide quick answers and solution to the customer quires.  For instance, let us assume an example of customer relations department of a shop in a mall. A customer comes with a voucher which is partially used and wants to know the details of it. Normally it takes 5 mins for the person to provide the details. But if the store has incorporated with Chatbots and AI it will take hardly 20 sec to give the details. This helps in reducing time, money and operational cost of the company.

Customer service is one the vital factor in the success of any business. Any customer service operator can handle one customer at a time which increases long queues, waiting time and even the moods of the customer gets affected till their calls are been answered. But by using Bots the biggest advantage is it can handle unlimited amount of customer interaction simultaneously and with proper solution satisfy the customer. Resulting in saving time, money and manpower of the company which helps in gaining goodwill.

If you look at any other business with lots of database involved Bots have helped them in that also. Like you can take an example of Law firm which require saving of case study of the cases, related article, judgement etc. for further reference. So analyse the contracts or judgement for a human being it will take some hours but for bots it is a matter of few minutes.

Benefits of bots is as it is system it doesn’t get tired, take sick leave, go on a holiday, mood swing etc. Developing a chatbots are very cheaper compared to mobile apps. And by promoting on social media like facebook which allow brands to host their bots.

Bots not help companies but also help customer by saving their time and money. They get response to their queries within a second; they don’t have to wait for a long time etc.

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