Priyanka Garodia

HR Offer Letter Automation Offer Letter itself is a crucial document for any individual. So one preparing the letter has to take the utmost care. It requires lots of time for HR professionals to prepare it. And it is sometimes boring also as the content in it is more or less the same. We can try to make …

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RPA Bots – Ultimate guide

Robotic process automation (RPA) Is a tool which is using screen scraping and other technologies to create specialized agents which can automate clerical tasks. Now a day it is one of the most popular application as it allows companies to automate their system.    According to the industry analysts, RPA is the fastest-growing segment, which believes …

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Now a day everyone is aware of Chatbots. Everyone is talking about them and wants to incorporate them in their business for smooth functioning of the business. Let me help you to understand what chatbots all about is. What is chatbots? Chatbots are small programs that help in developing interaction with the customer on the …

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