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Increase labor efficiency, reduce operational costs, pass the mundane tasks and deliver better user experience with Cristina, your AI-driven virtual assistant.

HR virtual assistants in driving employee satisfaction

The rise of AI-driven RPA chatbots

Chatbots serve a multitude of purposes for HR – from recruitment, onboarding, retention to employee offboarding. According to Gartner, large enterprises across industries already see AI-driven chatbots as “the future of everything that’s happening in HR.”

The conversational interface of chatbots enables self-service for users, answering repetitive employee/candidate questions, qualifying interview candidates, or performing specific HR-related tasks.

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HR executives believe AI will increase HR productivity by eliminating 32% of repetitive tasks [KPMG]
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of CEOs are looking to modernize their HR department using AI-driven bots [Forrester Research]
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of organizations agree that AI-driven chatbots will be the interface for employees to get answers [HR.com]
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of large organizations are evaluating RPAs integrated with chatbots to save thousands of hours of labor [Gartner]

Add a conversational AI layer to your HR processes

Automate any HR task and allow your team to
focus on work that matters most


Christina can help in the screening process by not only getting prospective employees’ information but also performing quick background checks.


Cristina makes on-boarding truly a self-serve process as she has the ability to talk to employees onsite and interact with any HCM software.

FAQs and policies

Christina can serve as an always available HR assistant who helps your employees get fast and accurate answers to any FAQs, on any channel.

Induction trainings

Christina is the most effective HR assistant for induction training, since she involves more interactive participation by employees.

Comp & Ben

Christina can guide your employees through all the necessary steps, register data in the internal systems and send notifications.

HR Admin tasks

Automating processes through our chatbot platform also covers any related HR admin tasks - generating contracts, updating data, etc.

Easy to use chatbot platform for business


20+ years of business know-how embedded in ready-made chatbots that speed up the deployment up to 10x faster.


Terobots provides the tools needed to build and deploy digital workforce which solves your specific problem.

Designed for

Collect and update data from, and to any internal or 3rd party app or database, to be ahead of customer expectations.

Data security

Deploy Terobots either in the most secure cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. You have full control over your data.

Enhance conversation within the enterprise world!

Terobots chatbots empower employees, customers and partners to communicate with your business and enterprise systems in the most intuitive and efficient way. Terobots bots apply modern technologies and design principles to provide a familiar user experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices, and their assistance reduces the time spent by users with operations and increases data quality, also reducing the overall costs.

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