Create a cognitive bank with Terabots AI-driven chatbots

Run customized lead-generation campaigns, collect customer feedback, and provide 24/7 customer service through a multi-channel conversational-AI experience.

Next-generation customer interactions as a key
differentiator in banking

The rise of AI-driven chatbots

Banks are constantly looking to boost sales, reduce costs and enhance customer retention, and technology has been a steady provider of next-gen features to differentiate between market leaders.

Together with other technologies like image processing to help with mortgage applications, customer data processing to predict behavior, or location-based targeted campaigns, chatbots provide an increasing range of use-cases for the banking sector.

0 %
of customer interactions with their banks will be automated using chatbots by 2022 [Chatbots Magazine]
0 %
of the customer relationships in banking will be managed without interacting with a human by 2020 [Gartner]
0 %
of repetitive finance tasks will be automated with AI-driven chatbots in the next 3 years [Credence Research]
$ 0 B
customer service hours will be saved using chatbots in the banking sector, by the end of 2023 [Juniper Rersearch]

Add a conversational AI layer to your banking processes


Make banking as simple as asking your best friend

Finance tips

Terabots chatbots help keep finances under control by giving budget planning tips, or suggestions on how to save money based on transaction history.


Streamline customer registration, authentication and account opening processes through a conversational AI experience.

Marketing automation

dd customized multi-channel capabilities to your marketing automation campaigns and boost conversion rate.

Customer self-service

Terabots chatbots can also streamline operations - payments and transfers, checking balances, learning about interest rates, open new credit lines.

Customer feedback

Use multi-channel chatbots to collect and process customer feedback automatically and provide a superior customer experience.

24/7 customer support

Chatbots easily integrate with knowledge-base systems, allowing them to provide 24/7 conversations for fast problem resolution.

Easy to use chatbot platform for business


20+ years of business know-how embedded in ready-made chatbots that speed up the deployment up to 10x faster.


Terobots provides the tools needed to build and deploy digital workforce which solves your specific problem.

Designed for

Collect and update data from, and to any internal or 3rd party app or database, to be ahead of customer expectations.

Data security

Deploy Terobots either in the most secure cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. You have full control over your data.

Enhance conversation within the enterprise world!

Terobots chatbots empower employees, customers and partners to communicate with your business and enterprise systems in the most intuitive and efficient way. Terobots bots apply modern technologies and design principles to provide a familiar user experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices, and their assistance reduces the time spent by users with operations and increases data quality, also reducing the overall costs.

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