Overloaded with repetitive tasks? Struggling to reach SLAs?

Generate and nurture leads, optimize the sales cycle, get and update data instantly while maintaining accuracy with Terobots AI-driven chatbots.

The impact of real time engagement in driving
sales performance

The rise of AI-driven chatbots​

Studies have shown that the chances of contacting a lead increase 100 fold if they are called within 5 minutes. The odds of qualifying your leads increase 21 times if you get in touch within 5 minutes, compared to 30 minutes.

Additionally, most sales reps are humans – you can’t work 24/7, you need rest, you need ramp-up time and training. Even with bigger teams, there’s always the chance to lose opportunities, and budgets aren’t unlimited. That’s where chatbots and process automation come in.

0 %
of executives believe AI-driven chatbot provides data which can be used to make critical decisions [Credence Research]
$ 0 B
is the increase retailers will see from AI-driven chatbot interactions by 2023, compared to $7B in 2019 [Juniper Research]
0 %
of B2B companies will employ AI-driven chatbots to boost at least one of their primary sales processes by 2020 [Gartner]
$ 0 B
is the reduction in costs per year retailers can expect in 2023 by using chatbots
[Juniper Research]

Automate repetitive sales tasks and allow your team
to focus on work that matters most

Add a conversational AI layer to your sales processes


Terobots automates prospect conversation to optimize engagement, and uses sales intelligence to route the prospect to a human sales rep at the right time.

Lead qualifying

Terobots chatbots engage prospects in a modern conversational environment, collect the necessary data to qualify the leads and opportunities.

Lead classification

Terobots integrates seamlessly with backend systems to classify leads based on pre-defined scoring, and provides next-best-action info to the sales team.

Connecting prospects with sales reps

Terobots chatbots deploy a seamless gateway for prospects to connect with sales reps through chat, voice/video calls, appointments, and more.

Sales data support

Through integration with any CRM system, Terobots collect data instantly, while sales reps are freed from time-consuming manual research.

Advanced analytics

Using AI and Machine Learning Terobots chatbots provide dynamic customer data, allowing sales reps to engage customers based on their status.

Easy to use chatbot platform for business


20+ years of business know-how embedded in ready-made chatbots that speed up the deployment up to 10x faster.


Terobots provides the tools needed to build and deploy digital workforce which solves your specific problem.

Designed for

Collect and update data from, and to any internal or 3rd party app or database, to be ahead of customer expectations.

Data security

Deploy Terobots either in the most secure cloud, on-premise or in a hybrid model. You have full control over your data.

Enhance conversation within the enterprise world!

Terobots chatbots empower employees, customers and partners to communicate with your business and enterprise systems in the most intuitive and efficient way. Terobots bots apply modern technologies and design principles to provide a familiar user experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices, and their assistance reduces the time spent by users with operations and increases data quality, also reducing the overall costs.

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